1. What Does it Mean to be “Post-Black?”

    Do you use the term “post-blackness?” Do you consider yourself “post- black?” Or do you pretty much scratch your head because you’re wondering what in the world people mean when they use that term? If any of these apply to you, then you need to come to the Schomburg’s new series, Stage for Debate

    With Stage for Debate, the Schomburg launches a series of high profile public debates with stellar thinkers who share their positions  on the bandied-about notion of “post-blackness.” In the process, the Schomburg will engage a new generation in the spectator thrill of watching two great thinkers and a great moderator, meet face-to-face, with civility and respect, and passionate delivery and defense of their positions.

     For more information about upcoming programs in this series, visit: Stage for Debate.


  1. theadd-ista answered: I am post black in terms of the definition. Nevertheless, I am aware of my privilige and it brings me little comfort. Give back!
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